4 Things to Know Before Shopping for Rehab

It can be an overwhelming process to find the best addiction treatment program, but you can succeed if you have professional help

Choosing the best rehab program can be a daunting process. You may have too many options to consider or too few. You may wonder about how you can possibly afford treatment for yourself or your loved one. Furthermore, if you have a drug or alcohol problem, then you are probably thinking of every possible excuse to avoid treatment even as you read these words. Yes, choosing the right treatment facility can be overwhelming, but you are not in this alone. We can help you find the best possible treatment method, and you can call us any time. The following four important thoughts will help you understand rehab before you decide which program is best for you.

Comprehensive and Integrated Treatment Is Essential

The first possibly most important thought to understand about addiction treatment is that all programs are not created equal. Addiction is a psychological and physiological disease, and almost all addicts suffer from at least one co-occurring disorder alongside addiction. In fact, substance abuse is often a means of unconsciously self-medicating other issues, such as the following list:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Personality disorders
  • Compulsive behavioral problems (process addictions)
  • Schizophrenia

The only way to overcome addiction is to deal with the underlying issues that drive it. For instance, an addict who struggles with bipolar disorder must relieve that issue as well as addiction, or else relapse is a near certainty. This multi-faceted healing is accomplished through careful diagnosis and a process called Dual Diagnosis treatment: through medical assistance, therapeutic counseling and education, millions of people have successfully overcome addiction and their underlying problems. However, programs that focus exclusively on the addiction issue have a much higher relapse rate.

Rehab Is More Accessible Than You Think

Another common misconception about rehab is that it is prohibitively expensive. Many people begin their rehab choosing process by calling different centers and asking them what they charge. Then, upon hearing what they believe to be astronomical numbers, many of those people decide that they cannot afford treatment after all. However, these quick calls fail to communicate the numerous programs that offer financial aid to recovering addicts. In fact, our staff members understand that no treatment program will help you if you cannot afford it, so they are committed to the following steps:

  • Exploring all potential financial aid or grant moneys that may be available to you
  • Confirming your insurance coverage and fighting for the benefits to which you are entitled
  • Making sure that you understand all financial aspects and options that are available
  • Finding other sources of treatment funding when necessary

Great strides have been made in recent years in making high quality addiction treatment accessible to everyone in need. Do not let a fear of finances keep you from seeking the help you need and deserve, and know that our staff are here to help.

Do Not Believe What You See on TV

Most people form their beliefs about rehab by watching television programs and seeing addiction detox in movies. While these depictions can be quite dramatic or even comedic, they are rarely accurate. Even supposed “reality” programs paint highly distorted pictures of what life in treatment is really like. The truth is that the most effective treatment programs are not like prisons or insane asylums; in fact, many of them have more in common with a retreat center or spa than a mental ward. Here are just a few examples of what life in rehab is really like:

  • Clients are given comfortable and quiet resting conditions
  • Medically supervised detox can relieve many of the harshest detox symptoms
  • The food is often quite good
  • A focus on empowering education and coping skill development can be very exciting
  • Art therapy, exercise, excursions and other diversions make the time fun and interesting

The truth is that life in rehab is not nearly as dramatic, painful or humiliating as it is often portrayed on the screen. Our staff members are available all day and night to answer all of your questions about what rehab is really like and which types of programs are best for your specific needs.

We Can Help

Another thought that you must understand is that you are not in this alone. Our admissions coordinators are always available with free, confidential answers and referrals. They are here for you whenever you are ready to call, because they operate a 24 hour, toll-free helpline for your convenience. Whether you are researching rehab for a friend or loved one or for yourself, do not let yourself become overwhelmed with all of the options. Give us a call and throw all of your questions and concerns our way, and then see if you feel better about rehab shopping with us in your corner. Call now for instant, professional support.