Does Ambien Use Have Permanent Side Effects?Ambien is a sleep aid for those who suffer from insomnia or interrupted their sleep patterns. Ambien harbors some general side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness etc. More serious side effects can cause life-long problems that may not be directly caused by the medication itself, but by how it affects the user.

Ambien Side Effects

On top of the harmless symptoms, Ambien can cause any of the following problems that may lead to devastating consequences:

  • Habitual Ambien use can cause severe seizures. Ambien-induced seizures that have been reported are grand-mal seizures, which are strong, violent seizures that cause victims to experience serious muscle convulsions and loss of consciousness. These seizures are extremely dangerous as the electric activity in the brain goes haywire, which can lead to brain damage that is irreversible.
  • When using Ambien, your balance is disrupted, and this can lead to poor footing and accidents from falling or driving. This is especially common in elderly users as their reflexes are not as sharp. Ambien’s side effects may cause someone to fall inadvertently, which can break bones, leaving users with permanent damage and a potential handicap. Ambien can harm people physically as well as mentally or chemically.
  • Ambien is highly addictive due to its ability to relax the brain and create euphoria. Addiction can lead to unemployment as well as broken friendships and family relationships. It can also affect your financial status, decision-making, ability to provide shelter and food to dependents and your overall well-being. Fighting addiction is a tremendous undertaking not only for the user, but also for a user’s friends and family. Addiction is a serious problem that will require professional help to break.
  • Ambien can lead to serious psychiatric effects that can create more dangerous problems than addiction. Anorexia, depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies can all derive from Ambien use or addiction. All of these effects are serious problems on their own, never mind having been induced through the use of Ambien. If you struggle with addiction as well as a mental health disorder listed above, you will require Dual Diagnosis treatment in order to recover fully.

Serious long-term and permanent side effects can come from using this drug, whether you use it as prescribed or if you abuse it. While some side effects may not be a direct effect of the medication, its ability to affect the brain can cause these dangerous, life-threatening problems.

Help for Ambien Use

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