How Ambien Abuse Complicates Mental Health IssuesThe central nervous system depressant Ambien is currently one of the most commonly prescribed medications in the country. If used incorrectly, Ambien can be severely damaging to a user’s mental health. The consistent use of Ambien can spark a series of psychological issues, some more serious than others.

One of the main facilitators of overall brain function is gamma-aminobutyric acid, otherwise known as GABA. The responsibility of GABA is to promote communication between cells in the brain. This allows for the brain to operate as normally as possible. General brain activity is controlled through GABA unless another chemical enters the system that threatens its function, such as Ambien.

How the Brain Reacts to Ambien

The most pivotal effect that Ambien has on the brain is the prevention of allowing GABA to function like it is supposed to. This allows for sleep, but it also increases the chances of mental health issues. For example, when the brain is not allowed to communicate with itself, disruptions in normal function can occur.

Common Mental Health Issues in Ambien Users

The following are some of the common mental health issues that occur in Ambien users:

  • Confusion and Hallucinations: As the brain is unable to truly communicate with itself in a proper manner, confusion and hallucinations are very common in those who abuse the drug. Seeing, hearing and feeling things that are not real, as well as not feeling connected to reality, can pose serious mental difficulties.
  • Depression: When brain chemistry is altered, depression is one of the most common side effects that can occur as a result of influenced function. Feelings of sadness and having suicidal thoughts can quickly become a part of a user’s every day life, leading the user to experience a disrupted social and personal life.
  • Mood swings: When Ambien users continue to use this medication even though it is only recommended for short-term use, their moods can begin to change rapidly. As Ambien is a depressant, it allows for feelings of extreme sadness, as well as extreme euphoria when the drug wears off.

Ambien is usually only prescribed for short-term use and is not recommended for continual use as it can cause serious mental side effects. It is important for all Ambien users to be aware of these side effects. For those who are misusing the drug, it is equally important to find the appropriate treatment to help stop a growing Ambien addiction as addiction can have great potential for creating mental illness.

Ambien Addiction Treatment

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