Ambien is a brand of the sedative/hypnotic zolpidem, which acts and affects people similarly as Xanax or Klonopin. Ambien is not as addictive as many other benzodiazepines, but physical dependence and addiction can nevertheless occur. The effects and consequences of Ambien addiction are powerful and will require professional help to treat.

Why Getting Help for Ambien Addiction is Necessary

Ambien addiction involves a physical dependency, which is when the body needs the drug to function normally. Once dependency has developed, quitting the drug abruptly will induce physical withdrawal symptoms. Ambien withdrawal symptoms can be quite severe, so detox requires medical supervision. Ambien detox involves a gradual tapering process to minimize withdrawal symptoms as much as possible. The possible consequences of unsupervised Ambien detox are simply too great to risk.

In addition to the dangers of detox, Ambien addiction may also involve psychological factors that require help. Using a drug to escape problems is often a sign of psychological or emotional issues. Even with successful detox and behavioral counseling, psychological issues that go untreated can leave patients susceptible to future relapse. Integrated treatment that addresses both the behavioral and the psychological causes of addiction helps patients achieve successful and lasting recovery.
Is Ambien Addiction a Disease?

Traditionally, society viewed addiction as a sign of weakness, but the current medical community views addiction as a disease. An enormous amount of research supports this view, including brain scans showing the difference between healthy and addicted brains. Certain people are at a higher risk for addiction than others, and the choices they make often contribute to addiction; however, addiction chemically alters the brain and eventually takes over a person’s decision making. Also, while addiction occurs for many different reasons, virtually anyone can become addicted under the right circumstances.

Ambien addiction is not a cause for shame or embarrassment, but a reason to seek help. If you are addicted to Ambien, accept the fact that the addiction is stronger than your power to overcome it on your own, but it is treatable. Professional addiction services can direct your recovery in safe and effective ways. Take advantage of medical expertise for your best chance at recovering from this potentially devastating addiction.

Help Finding Ambien Addiction Treatment

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